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Priority Projects for Development
Of the New and Renewable Energy in China

Geothermal Energy Technology

Investigation and Assessment On High-temperature Geothermal Resources

1.        Background

Geothermal exploration has been the basic work of development and utilization of energy resources. Exploration and development of high-temperature geothermal reservoirs above 200¡ã has been the focus on the geothermal power development in China during ¡°the Ninth Five Year Plan¡± period.

High-temperature geothermal resources are mainly distributed in the north of Tibet, the west of Yunnan and Taiwan province. Their temperature is above 150-200¡ã. High-temperature geothermal resources are mainly used for power generation. At present, geothermal power stations, which have been put into operation, are mainly in Yangbajing and Naqu in Tibet. In 1993, the installed capacity of China¡¯s geothermal power stations was 30.4 megawatts, ranking the 12th in the world. In 1994, geothermal wells of 329.8¡ãwere dug in Yanbajin showing that China¡¯s geothermal power generation would have a new breakthrough. In the respect of geothermal fields in Tengchong of Yunnan Province, the temperature of the geothermal reservoirs is all above 200¡ã, with a great potential for development. Development and utilization of geothermal are of important significance in improving the region¡¯s economy and in changing the situation of no-electricity areas. 

2.        Objectives

The basic objective is to improve and upgrade the exploration and evaluation technology on China¡¯s geothermal resources, especially the high-temperature geothermal resources; set up geothermal resources space information system, draw up atlas of geothermal resources and make further analysis on the distribution law, type, potential and development prospects of the geothermal so as to provide a basis for full and reasonable development and utilization of the geothermal resources. 

3.        Content

  • Forming mechanism and characteristics of high-temperature fractured reservoirs in Tibet and Yunnan.

  • Selection of high-temperature geothermal fields and resources research and investigation for setting up ten thousand kilowatt grade geothermal power stations. 

  • Draw up atlas of geothermal resources and establish commercialized geothermal space information system.

Geothermal Utilization Technology

1.      Background

Geothermal resources abound in China. There are 5500 geothermal places and 45 geothermal fields with total reserves of 3.2 million megawatts. At present, geothermal energy has been extensively utilized in power generation, textile, printing and dyeing, heating, growing breeding and medical care and health, etc. The installed capacity has reached 30.4 MW, and direct use volume equaled more than 2410MW every year. It saved a large amount of conventional energy for the country and greatly promoted the national economy.

Although utilization of geothermal energy developed very quickly in China, its general utilization scale was still very low with the heat utilization rate of less than 40 per cent. Until now there are no any high standard geothermal development demonstration system. Many environmental problems still exists as earth subsidence, ground collapsing caused by large amount of extraction of the geothermal energy. Plus the unspecified management, all these seriously hindered the development of geothermal energy, which should be solved.

2.      Objectives

Increase the utilization rate of geothermal and reduce the cost; develop direct utilization and power generation and increase its proportion in the resources system; accomplish research and production of allocated equipment for geothermal development; further upgrade the quality of the geothermal submersible electric pump and wellhead assembly, expand their utilization scope, and form a comparatively perfect production system.

The objective in the ¡°Ninth Five-year Plan¡± period is to research and develop on the crucial technology and equipment on geothermal utilization combining with introduction and digestion of technology; research on new geothermal application technology, such as drainage and recharge technology, thermal pump air-conditioning system and so on. 

3.      Content

  • Research and manufacturing in scale of heat-resisting high-flow high-lift geothermal deep-well submersible pumps. 

  • Geothermal anticorrosion drainage and recharge technology

  • Geothermal heat pump air-conditioning system 

  • Upgrade the technology of the utilization rate on geothermal energy and reducing of the environmental pollution

  •  Set up ten thousand kilowatt-grade geothermal demonstration power stations.

  • Tracing research on high-temperature dry heat rock technology

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