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About Us

China New Energy Network (CNE)

        China New Energy Network (CNE) is a non-profit professional information network system constructed by Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences, while under the direction of State Ministry of Science & Technology, State Economic & Trade Commission and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly.

     CNE offers a full range of products & technologies for energy producers, suppliers and traders seeking to optimise resources in a competitive energy market; provides latest market information about China and other countries in the field of energy industry; collects relative information about policy, regulations and plan; provides information surf and databases inquiry in the field of solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy and small hydropower from the aspects of resource review, technology application, enterprises and products, economic environment, case analysis, etc. Moreover, CNE builds up its BBS, expert service system and on-line newsletter subscription. It has collected new energy magazines and journals including Acta energiae Solaris Sinica and New Energy for disseminating in the website. Currently, CNE has more than 50,000 records of information in the database including at least 20,000 records for enterprises and products at home and aboard in energy sector, documents, science and technology news, patents and organizations.

---CNE Modules Introduction---
       Energy Modules are designed to give you an introduction in a very diverse range of new energy technologies knowledge and information including the aspects of resource, technical application, enterprise, product, economical analysis and environmental impact in seven channels, i.e. solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy and small hydropower respectively. It not only disseminates information on, and promote the benefits of new energy technologies, but also help consumers understand innovative technologies and products in the fields of new and renewable energy.

Enterprise Salon
connects the close relationship between enterprises and customers. CNE provides free of charge promotion for enterprises, and a targeted set of service including products and enterprises promotion via CNE, online products and enterprises registration, and dissemination of business opportunities. It makes a contribution to foster the communication and cooperation among enterprises and between the enterprises and customers, and will be of great significance for the customer to select appropriate products and cooperative partners.

Top News
Updated daily on what's new in the energy world.

Policy and Plan has 3 subtopics, namely new energy policies, national plans and energy regulations. Through introducing the energy policies and a set of national plans on the development of new and renewable energy, CNE will help guide the enterprise make their appropriate decisions or investment regarding the energy issue.

Energy Websites has collected more than one thousand energy websites in the world. You can browse the classified websites or search through the engine.

Expert Service provides space for exports to exchange ideas with the readers. The expert database in CNE has collected the information of scientists and experts with expertise in the technologies research, development and management in the field of new and renewable energy. Experts will give an online consultant service by answering the questions.

Conference and Exhibition
Timely reporting global technologies conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.

Energy Journals
Collects the abstracts of local recognized journal, for instance, Solar Energy, Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica, and New Energy.

Star Enterprises
Help enterprises in the field of new and renewable energy home and abroad promote their business via net. And all of these are free of charge.

Featured Products
Display featured products in the field of new and renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Energy Tour
Currently, more than 100 animated pages and calculators on wind resources, wind turbine technology, economics, and environmental aspects of wind energy in the Guided Tour section.

Glossary of Energy Terms
Here you can find some useful energy terms that may be very useful to you when you meet obstacles in reading energy articles.

Energy BBS
A diverse range of topic discussions in the field of new and renewable energy; Meeting Proceedings, publishing papers in major conferences;

Newsletter Subscription
The email newsletter with news, upcoming energy events, updates and focused articles direct to your desktop.

CNE welcomes all feedback, including that which is anonymous.

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